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Anton & Friends

Lisbeths Driving School - now with Lis the chatbot!

Lisbeths Driving School is located in 12 cities and get daily questions from website users.

Lis now helps website visitors with questions, payment and general info.

This makes students at Lisbeths self-reliant 24/7 - all year around.

Try Liz here

Meet Oline - Go Go Gastros brand new chatbot!

Go Go Gastro - wedding planner for company events.

Oline helps Go Go Gastros website users with tailored requests, event questions and general info.

That way Go Go Gastro founder, Mie Bødskov, can focus on spoling her customers and their guests.

Try Oline here

Order your heating oil - when it suits you! 

Get the best rate at Lavprisolie.

Lavprisolies chatbot helps users with orders, todays price and general info.

Users can log in and place an order directly in the chatbot.

Try Lavprisolies chatbot here

hejAnton - denmarks most charming chatbot!

hejAnton - chatbots with winning personalities

Anton helps online businesses providing world class automated support 24/7 - all year long.

Less than a golden coin a day makes your customers self-reliant.

Try Anton here

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